Kawartha, Peterborough & Kawartha Region - Gaa-waategamaag, "Land of Reflections"

Peterborough & County

THE LAKES: Rice, Katchewanooka, Clear, Stony, Lovesick, Lower Buckhorn, Buckhorn, Chemong, Little Bald, Big Bald, Pigeon
MAJOR POINTS of INTEREST: Peterborough Lift Lock, Centential Fountain, Museums, Golf Courses, Petroglyphs, Parks, Dining, Entertainment, Accommodations and more.
TOWNS & VILLAGES can be found in the region like Peterborough, Lakefield, Buckhorn, Bridgenorth, Ennismore, Millbrook, Norwood, Havelock, and more. MAP

City of Kawartha Lakes

THE LAKES: Pigeon, Sturgeon, Cameron, Scugog and Balsam.
MAJOR POINTS of INTEREST: Kirkfield Lift Lock, The Central East Correctional Centre, Golf Courses, Parks, Dining, Entertainment, Accommodations and more.
TOWNS & VILLAGES are part of the City of Kawartha Lakes, just like a county, some are Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Bobcageon, Woodville, Omemee and more. MAP

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Kawartha First Nations

In Anishinaabe language the area was known as, Gaa-waategamaag, "land of reflections". Changed by tourism promoters to Kawartha, meaning "bright waters and happy lands".
Curve Lake First Nation people are of the Mississaugas of the great Anishnaabeg (uhnish-nahbe) Nation. MAP
Hiawatha First Nation is an Ojibway First Nations reserve. MAP

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There is no NEWS in the TRUTH and no TRUTH in the NEWS.

Updated articles and news

We have started Ontario Times as an online newspaper. The version we are using, connects to current stories and articles, but is simply intended to collect where the data comes from so we can embed that into the finished online newspaper version in the future.
Some of our own articles, like those below can be found on Central Ontario and we will, at a snails pace no doubt, fill in as we go along. It is itended to be more of a response site to news circulating in the area. Too much news in just a few hands can be as bad as no news at all!
Both of the above sites use the side slider for a menu so it is always available as are the 4 links on the bottom left corner of the slider clicking to each of the four major political parties.

9/17/19 - Quotes from The Rebel Media Click here to view the story and video.

"CBC or Liberal war room?
Comparing Trudeau and Scheer coverage from the state broadcaster"

"On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we didn't have to look very far to find outrageous comparisons between how the CBC is covering Justin Trudeau's campaign trail compared to Andrew Scheer's".
"From choosing only the most flattering photos and reprinting word-for-word policy for the Liberals to spinning Andrew Scheer's reasonable statements until they're unrecognizable, the state broadcaster is doing everything in their power to make sure their party stays in power."
Our opninion: One has to wonder where the Governor General of Canada or the Senate stand on this disgraceful waste of public funds.

9/16/19 - Opinion

Fake News and Elections!

Contrary to what some might say the largest publishers of fake news are the news networks, not just newspapers. In most cases "eye, ear or click bait" headlines are used to pass on fake news. A simple sentence containing the fake message they want you to remember. Even if you read further the first part is usually loaded with innuendo instead of facts.
News Networks make these short statements with almost every story they report, so it's much easier for them to put out fake news.
Newsprint or social media, Both have a shelf life and can be easily fact checked. News networks simply move on and unless you record them or write down immediately what is said they are gone and the bait is in your thoughts.
Another "tell" is when stories start out positive about a person or party but end up giving more negative type statements as you read on or watch or listen. You can find this simple method of spreading fake news, almost, in all sources.

9/13/19 - According to taxpayer.com:

Did Trudeau keep his bugger promises?

"In the last election, Trudeau made a crystal clear promise:
"I am looking straight at Canadians and being honest the way I always have," said Trudeau during the 2015 election. "We've said we are committed to balanced budgets and we are. We will balance that budget in 2019."
Trudeau's 2019 budget has a $20-billion deficit."

9/11/19 - opinion

Should non-profit agencies be political?

You see more and more companies going political as the Federal Liberals are out their giving away hundreds of millions, of your money, to the news industry. The current group in Ottawa are running deficits beyond imagination or understanding into the billions of dollars.
Lots of non-profits, with massive executive cores and overheads, are jumping on the bandwagon to get involved. Many suffer from two tier overheads as they are supported by other non-profits, each of course with their own executives and overheads. It's become an industry gone wild and now getting political.

9/9/19 - opinion

Will it ever stop?

The complaints about Doug Ford and the Conservatives are becoming tiresome. With the cuts, no jobs that are important, will be lost.
Day Care will be replaced by home care just as it always was. Health will go on even without the many regional offices as they are centralized in one spot. Multiple and duplicate levels of management was never needed.
It will all be better as those new jobs will be taking some hard working low income families to new levels. Deserved Levels! Earned Levels! As important it will add to the Tax Pot instead of being a burden.
So let's hear it for lower taxes, more jobs and less pressure on many.

8/24/19 - opinion

City of Peterborough, potential solutions.

ONE QUESTION. Why not turn closed schools into dorms for the "homeless"?
There could be areas cordoned off for single men, single women and families. A stop gap measure till they are able to get proper housing.
Better yet! Mount St. Joseph could serve no greater purpose than to be a haven for the homeless!!!

8/18/19 - opinion

City of Peterborough, is it really the City of Crisis?

Peterborough is just a town when using the common definition that cities have populations over 100,000.
Yet they are screaming to the world that it is in constant crisis with Tent Cities, Opiates and any other every day issue faced by all Towns and Cities. We're certain this will really help in attracting Tourists and badly needed new business and industry. WTG
Administrations and media need to be more aware, in today's information age, of how they paint a town. Current descriptions might encourage people with the same issues, from out of town, to come here. Like I said, sarcastically, it is a stroke against new business and industry considering the area. A good positive from the past was calling Peterborough a City. js

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